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Teaching around the world,
learning from other cultures
and fighting for educational equality

Welcome to The Traveling Educator!

I’m a teacher who has worked in international schools for over 10 years. With my experience teaching abroad and interest in traveling to learn about cultures different from my own, I started this blog to share what I’ve learned, especially on the subject of educational inequality.

Ultimately, my writing about experiences and efforts is to share the perspective of another global citizen. As connectivity grows, we all have a chance to benefit from viewpoints around the world. So in these webpages, you’ll read about mine and some others from people I’ve met along the way. Because this is what helps us understand each other better and support the needed change to help raise all our communities.


As a teacher, I’m passionate about the power of education. A solid education not only supports a single child or adult to create the future they want but collectively, it also raises the potential for the surrounding community. And with the world being as interconnected as it is today, our communities have gone global.

That’s why I write and speak on topics surrounding teaching, such as educational inequality. I want to share with people how unequal access to education exists in many forms around the globe, the impact it has, and how we can work together to change it.


And as an educator who travels, I can’t help but write about the new cultures I visit and the varied experiences I find from one place to the next. Just waking up to a day in a new place can be an education in itself.

Ironically enough, experiencing and appreciating other cultures also teaches us that we’re not so different after all. And it can help soften our hearts to struggles that may happen in countries far from our own.


And where there is life, there’s a lifestyle. I love experiencing the different energies of the vibrant places I visit. Lifestyle weaves itself like a thread through the fabric of all my stories. I hope to share that energy with you here.

Enjoy. Share. Let me know what you think. Together we can make a difference!