I love adventure and staying healthy. This mud pit portion of an adventure race combines the two and adds the laughs!

About Me

Originally from Toronto, Canada, I began my teaching career as a high school teacher at Santa Monica High School in California teaching American history. I’ve worked internationally for over 10 years – first in Asia, and currently in Africa, where I teach 8th grade Social Studies at the American International School in Johannesburg. 

I’m on a mission to fight for social justice in the classroom and am passionate about empowering students to be global citizens who make a difference in the world. My blog, The Traveling Educator, chronicles the stories of my classroom and travel around the world.

Chris talking with a broadcaster at Talk Radio 702

Speaking Up on Educational Inequalities

In countries around the world, education has been in the headlines for many reasons – but the one main thread that runs through these stories is this: If we want to see the world as a just and fair place where everyone is given equal opportunities, a quality education is what is required.

That’s why I work to raise awareness about educational inequality. The first step to addressing this issue is to raise awareness.

A post reminding people about Giving Tuesday for Afrika Tikkun.

The Bow Tie Challenge

In addition to speaking and writing with various publications to raise awareness about educational inequality, I also started The Bow Tie Challenge. For all of 2018, I wore bow ties everywhere I went, all day long. It was 365 days of bow ties to work, the gym, to the store…everywhere!

And when you wear a bow tie to the gym with a tee-shirt, let me tell you…that is where the conversations begin! I talked with everyone who would listen. Along the way, we got more people talking and we raised money for a local South African organization called Africa Tikkun. This group is dedicated to developing and uplifting young people in underprivileged communities in South Africa.

Read more about The Bow Tie Challenge and contact me to find out how you can get involved in the effort.