Afrika Tikkun

Uplifting young people
in under-privileged
communities in South Africa

Making Better Tomorrows

Funds raised from The Bow Tie Challenged went to support Afrika Tikkun. This is an organization taking a rounded approach to building better tomorrows for young people in under-privileged communities in South Africa. They not only have programs focused on education and career development, but also do work around nutrition, health care and social support systems.

The fact is, educational inequality doesn’t just start or end in the classroom. There isn’t just one barrier to a solid education. Money for books alone, for example, won’t solve the issue. Factors like insufficient nutrition or poor health care options also feed into the problem. That’s why I believe in Afrika Tikkun’s mission and programs. Building better tomorrows for underprivileged communities needs a rounded approach – like the one you’ll find with Afrika Tikkun.

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