Toot, Toot! Honk, Honk! Beep, Beep!

Every morning I leave for school, in a taxi, around 6:30 a.m. with the hopes of beating the traffic.  The route to school is the same but getting to school is always an adventure.  I live in Jakarta where Bhasa Indonesian is spoken. Unfortunately, I only have minimal proficiency of the language that makes for giving directions to the driver a comedy show.  However, with what I know, I am able to get myself to school.  Driving up Fatmawati, the main road, the taxi driver has to dodge buses, the motorcycles and the Bajaj’s!

The drive becomes even trickier when the two-way road narrows to one lane because of the vendors who have laid out their vegetables to sell along the side of the road market.  By 6:30 a.m., the market is already bustling with buyers who have come to do their “grocery” for the day!  Eventually though, I am able to make it through this maze to get to school in about 20 minutes to begin another day of adventure as an International teacher!

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